Environment (Bauxite & Alumina) Program Manager

Environment (Bauxite & Alumina) Program Manager

The Environment (Bauxite & Alumina) Program Manager role is a full-time position for the management and delivery of key projects of benefit to International Aluminium Institute member companies through: improved operational practices; knowledge transfer; improved information flow; and demonstration of the benefits of the industry and its products.

This role represents an exciting opportunity for an experienced professional to manage  technical and promotional projects that are global in scope and that service the interests of a dynamic and growing industry.

The successful applicant will form part of a high-quality team of professionals principally based in London and will work with global companies at the forefront of delivering products and sustainable business models that meet modern consumer expectations.

Environment (Bauxite & Alumina) Program Manager


The Environment (Bauxite & Alumina) Program Manager will likely be based in the IAI offices in St James’s, London.  However other locations may be considered, particularly if it assists engagement with member companies.


The purpose of this role is to work with member companies (and other IAI staff) to identify, design, manage, deliver and communicate specific projects in the areas of Bauxite Mining & Alumina Refining. Such projects promote the benefits of the aluminium industry, the metal and products to external audiences and safeguard the industry’s reputation.


The duties of the Environment (Bauxite & Alumina) Program Manager include:

• Identification, design, management, delivery and communication of projects in Environment/Bauxite Mining & Alumina Refining as part of the IAI work program, including supervision of consultants, oversight of budgets, and coordination of input from member companies;
• Preparation of reports on project outcomes suitable for communication to a range of audiences (technical, senior management, public);
• Development and maintenance of relationships with representatives of member companies, particularly those on IAI Committees;
• Ensuring the Secretary General and other IAI staff are appropriately briefed on progress and provided an opportunity for input or decision where appropriate;
• Preparation and delivery of conference presentations;
• Collection, analysis and presentation of data relevant to the impacts and/or outputs of the global aluminium industry;
• Identifying opportunities and contributing material to IAI’s communications program.

Subject Area

The IAI work program evolves in response to member priorities and changing industry circumstances.  Current priorities that the Environment (Bauxite & Alumina) Program Manager will be expected to address include:

• Sustainable bauxite mining practices;
• Environmental and biodiversity impacts of alumina production and bauxite mining;
• Bauxite Residue management, reuse and treatment;
• Mine tailings management and mine rehabilitation.

Key relationships

The Environment (Bauxite & Alumina) Program Manager will initially work under the direction of senior IAI staff to manage specific work and projects.  Over time, the Manager will be expected to take prime responsibility in managing the work program and projects for the IAI Bauxite & Alumina Advisory Committee.

The Environment (Bauxite & Alumina) Program Manager will also be required to work closely with staff from member companies through Committees and reference groups to receive direction and content so as to deliver agreed project outcomes.

Personal qualities

The Environment (Bauxite & Alumina) Program Manager will have the following qualities:

• Educated to at least degree level in a relevant subject;
• At least 5 years of relevant experience ideally in metals and mining or natural resources;
• Proven project management capabilities;
• Experience with stakeholder management and facilitation; 
• Ability to work constructively as part of a team and independently;
• Excellent command of English language;
• Self-sufficient in producing reports and correspondence;
• Confidence in public speaking;
• Willingness to undertake occasional international travel;
• Proficient user of Microsoft Office software. 


A salary appropriate to the skills and experience of the successful candidate will be negotiated in the expected range of £50-65K per annum.

The IAI offers a range of additional benefits to employees once they have completed a probationary period including pension contributions, private health and dental insurance and gym membership.

International Aluminium Institute 

Company Profile 

The IAI is the global forum of aluminium producers, dedicated to the development and wider use of aluminium as a competitive and uniquely valuable material. The IAI in all its activities supports the concept that aluminium is a material that lends itself to improving people’s living standards in a sustainable fashion. 

The IAI’s purpose, vision and mission are:


To promote the sustainable development of the aluminium industry and to increase demand for aluminium products by raising awareness of their unique and valuable properties.


Aluminium products that support solutions to global challenges.


The International Aluminium Institute will:

• Actively promote aluminium and its benefits;
• Reinforce the aluminium industry’s sustainability advantages;
• Collect and provide industry statistics and tools to enable stakeholders to make informed decisions;
• Contribute to standards and regulation that encourage wise use of aluminium;
• Foster improved performance in the industry by:
o Facilitating collaborative research (pre-competitive) to address key sustainability challenges; and
o Providing a forum for sharing of best practice.
• Communicate the views and positions of the aluminium industry to international agencies and other stakeholders;
• Co-operate with regional and national aluminium associations efficiently and cost effectively.

Members of the IAI include 25 companies globally, which engage in the production of bauxite, alumina and aluminium, the recycling or fabrication of aluminium, or act as joint venture partners in those endeavours. The institute represents global producers of bauxite, alumina and aluminium in all the major jurisdictions.  A significant portion of the industry, including members of the IAI, are based in China. 

The IAI is a UK-based company with a registered office in London. It is overseen by its Board of Directors. Each member company has a representative at senior management level, generally the Chairman or CEO, on the IAI Board of Directors. The Board meets twice a year and all members are entitled to vote and to be represented in the Annual General Meeting.

The IAI operates a number of Committees which provide direction, and input from members, on the work of the IAI.  These Committees include Communications & Promotions; Environment & Energy; Health; and Bauxite & Alumina.


The IAI has 9 members of staff, comprising:

Miles Prosser, Secretary General
Pernelle Nunez, Deputy Secretary General, Director – Sustainability
Marlen Bertram, Director – Scenarios & Forecasts
Nadine Faldo, Manager – Safety & Statistical Reporting; Manager - Finance
Sarah Novell, Manager – Corporate Services
Linlin Wu, Manager – Statistical Analysis
Adisa Amanor-Wilks – Communications Consultant
Katy Tsesmelis, Advisor - Refining
Mykolas Vainauskas – Research & Project Assistant

Key Issues

The work of the IAI evolves in response to member priorities but currently includes projects on a range of issues including:

• Treatment of wastes (such as spent pot lining and bauxite residue);
• Environmental regulation and performance;
• Life cycle inventory and assessment;
• Climate change and the industry’s response;
• Management of storage facilities (e.g., tailings dams);
• Products in use and recycling;
• Employer, community, consumer and public health issues;
• Social impacts and benefits of industry operations;
• Mine rehabilitation;
• Scenarios of future production and demand; and
• Energy sources.

The IAI utilises a science-based approach to advocacy.  Ongoing collection, analysis and presentation of data is a critical component of the work.

Further Information

To find out more about Aluminium – The Metal, Use, & Recycling – please visit: www.thealuminiumstory.com

To find out more about the IAI – please visit: www.world-aluminium.org


To apply for the position, please provide a short CV and covering letter by 10th March 2021, to: Sarah Novell (Manager – Corporate Services) - novell@world-aluminium.org

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