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Can there be a Hollywood ending for the 'Brad Pitt of mountain lions'?

Penned in by freeways, LA’s big cats face extinction – but a new wildlife crossing might be the answer

The lingering stench from putrefying deer carcasses is so powerful in Richie King’s pickup truck that his neighbours once reported him to the police. The suspicious plastic boxes behind our seats are empty today, he promises, chuckling, as we drive into California’s Sierra Azul mountains.

But we are both hoping the smell of fermenting roadkill proves irresistible for an elusive predator in these hills: mountain lions.

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With every flood, public anger over the climate crisis is surging | Gaby Hinsliff

The fossil-fuel companies know they’ll face increased social stigma unless they change

Sometimes it has felt as if the rain might never stop.

These storms have gone beyond the point of simply being storms now, each blurring into the next to create a strangely end-of-days feeling. Everything is freakishly sodden and swollen, and while the rural flood plain on which I live fortunately hasn’t flooded anything like as badly as some, the rivers are rising alarmingly. Yet still the lashing winds and biblical downpours keep coming. Suddenly the 40 Days of Action campaign that Extinction Rebellion (XR) will launch on Ash Wednesday (26 February), encouraging people to reflect on the environmental consequences of their actions in a kind of green Lent, feels ominously well named.

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Why the lights are going out for fireflies

Fireflies face a dim future because of habitat loss and light pollution. How can conservationists help?

At dusk, graduate student Sara Lewis was sitting on her back porch in North Carolina with her dog. “We were supposed to be mowing our grass, but we never did, so we had long grass in our yard,” she recalls. “Suddenly this cloud of sparks rose up out of the grass and started flying around me.”

Each spark was a firefly: a beetle that glows in the dark. Hundreds of fireflies had gathered in Lewis’s back yard and were soaring around her. “It was this incredible spectacle,” says Lewis, “and I just sort of gasped.” Then she became fascinated. “I started wondering what the heck was going on here, what were these bugs doing, what were they talking about?” She has spent much of the past three decades studying fireflies.

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Greta Thunberg to visit Bristol for youth climate protest

Teenage activist will make her second UK trip in past year to join next week’s event

Greta Thunberg will visit the UK next week to take part in a youth protest in Bristol.

The 17-year-old climate activist, who launched a global youth-based movement when she began a “climate strike” outside Sweden’s parliament in 2018, plans to join protesters on College Green on Friday.

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Great Barrier Reef could face 'most extensive coral bleaching ever', scientists say

This year’s bleaching likely to be widespread although less intensive than previous outbreaks, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says

The Great Barrier Reef could be about to experience its most widespread outbreak of mass coral bleaching ever seen, according to an analysis from the US government’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

But the analysis, seen by Guardian Australia, says while bleaching could hit the entire length of the world heritage-listed reef, the impacts may not be as intense as previous major outbreaks.

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