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The week in wildlife – in pictures

A hellbender salamander, a red kite in flight and a hawksbill turtle are among this week’s pick of images from the natural world

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We owe our planet this climate march. But we also owe it – very faint – hope | Bill McKibben

Trump is the worst thing that could have happened to the planet. That’s all the more reason to fight on - and celebrate even the smallest successes

There is no upside to the Trump presidency. To be in DC – I’ve come for Saturday’s giant climate march – is to be reminded up close what all Americans have known for months: we’ve put the country in the hands of a man completely unequal to the task. A man so cluelessly over his head that he keeps telling reporters he’s in over his head.

But if you want a few grayish linings to the dark-orange cloud, you can find them. In fact, the last few days have given those of us in the climate fight a few glimmers of light.

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Power plants will have to cut toxic emmisions under new EU rules

New rules to limit air pollutants such as nitrogen oxide and mercury could save more than 20,000 lives a year, say NGOs

Power plants in the EU will have to cut the amount of toxic pollutants such as nitrogen oxides they emit under new rules approved by member states and widely applauded by environmental groups.

Friday’s decision imposes stricter limits on emissions of pollutants such as nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide, mercury and particulate matter from large combustion plants in Europe.

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Temperature-boosting El Niño set for early return this year

The climate event that helped supercharge global warming to record levels in 2015 and 2016 is 50-60% likely in 2017, says World Meteorological Organization

The El Niño climate event that helped supercharge global warming to record levels in 2015 and 2016 is set for an early return, according to a forecast from the World Meteorological Organization.

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Air pollution plan cannot be delayed, high court tells government

Court rules that immediate publication is essential and rejects Defra’s plea to delay until after the general election

The government has been ordered to publish tough new plans to tackle air pollution after the high court rejected attempts by ministers to keep the policy under wraps until after the general election.

In the latest defeat for ministers over their continued failure to tackle the UK’s air pollution crisis, which is believed to be responsible for 40,000 premature deaths a year,, Mr Justice Garnham said the secretary of state, Andrea Leadsom, was in breach of a court order to take action in the shortest possible time and that any further delays would constitute a further breach.

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