Keyword Search Help

The keyword search searches every text field (for example location, job title, job description, company name etc.) using a form of boolean searching where results will be returned which contain any of the words searched on. ('OR' search) There is no need to enter a comma or other separator between keywords - just use a space. Quotation marks can be used around multiple words to mean search for that phrase rather than any of the individual words. Plus (+) and minus (-) signs can also be used to mean a particular word must be found or must not be found.

Here are some brief search examples:

environmental manager - finds jobs matching "environmental" or "manager"

"environmental manager" - find jobs matching the phrase "environmental manager"

environmental +manager - finds jobs matching "manager" which may or may not contain "environmental" (those which contain both words will be more heavily weighted)

+manager -environmental- finds jobs matching "manager" but do not contain the word "environmental"

'Stemming' is also used, meaning that derivatives of a word will also be found, for example engineer will also find engineers and engineering

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